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  • The burden of stress on the European healthcare system is in excess of 20 billion Euros annually
  • 10.9% of executives take time off work due to stress related illness
  • Stress is costing the Australian economy 14. billion Australian dollars annually
  • In the UK, 12.5 million working days are lost every year as a result of stress
  • 75 – 90% of doctors visits are due to stress

The Stress Code

As individuals, we are all impacted by stress – but stress is also having devastating effects on the global economy through reduced productivity as well as the immense burden it places on healthcare systems.

Decades of research reliably show that chronic stress severely compromises our physical and mental health, however it has recently emerged that it can also compromise our genetic integrity by destabilising our DNA. Not only does this promote many of the diseases that society is currently grappling with, it can potentially impact on future generations.

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“Richard’s expertise in human health and performance is unparalleled. He has helped me through some of the most critical moments in my career…”
Kevin Anderson
“We are proud to have Richard as our ‘partner’ as we support our office in their wellness.  His ability to translate complex data into manageable, useful life lessons is remarkable and his insistence on evidence based facts is what makes him so unique and vital for our office”
Jane Waters, COO, Johannesburg
“Now it’s understandable why Richard is so sought after by the world’s top athletes and businesses! His unique insights and advice, based on his combined inspirational experiences and depth and breadth of research, provided us with a complete paradigm shift and new perspective on stress. Richard showed us how to take advantage of, work with, and grow from this enigmatic reality of modern life!”
Howard Jackson, Head of Learning & Development
“He is brilliant!” | “Excellent resource, inspirational” | “Richard certainly knows about his subject, found him very motivating”
YPO Gold
The premier leadership organisation of chief executives in the world
“He is the leader and expert in his field” | “We need more of his advice on health – YPO official health advisor” | “Amazing! Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable” | “Whip smart and intuitive – more please!”
YPO Pan Africa Group
“EXCELLENT SPEAKER – great topic” | “This is one of the most interesting sessions I have ever attended” | “ It was one of the most memorable talks I have ever been to”
“At Bowmans, we take a holistic and multi-dimensional view of Leadership. We believe our Partners need to be effective at a personal and interpersonal level in order to achieve firm or organisational leadership. A focus on self-demands an assessment of various components that we need to achieve balance in. This includes emotional, physical, social and spiritual mastery. Richard understands and speaks to this. His presentations and sessions that he has delivered at Bowmans are unique in that not only does he talk about the systemic nature and impact of wellness in leaders but he delivers the science the behind it as well, talking though the mind/body/health connection with scientific evidence.
His sessions are always one of the most popular sessions that we include in our New Partner Programme” 
Lee-Ann Greyling - Head: Learning and OD
“Richard was a keynote speaker at the Finance Indaba in 2018 and made a huge impact. His experience and the ability to convey the most critical information around the complex topic of stress and wellness in the workplace was very well received by the professionals in attendance. If you’re looking to stimulate a conference or executive audience you need look no further than Richard”
Graham Fehrsen - Managing Director: CFO & CHRO South Africa


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