The Stress Code

Managing Stress in Life, Business and Sport

STRESS IMPACTS ALL FACETS of our lives and has devastating effects on the global economy, including reduced productivity and the huge burden being placed on healthcare systems.

Decades of research reliably show that chronic stress severely compromises our physical and mental health. Now it has been discovered that stress can actually destabilise our DNA and compromise our genetic integrity. This promotes many of the diseases that societies are currently grappling with and could potentially impact on future generations.

Yet stress has two faces. Ongoing stress is one of the biggest challenges faced globally, but short intervals of stress can actually offer tremendous potential to grow, break personal barriers and excel.

Turning the traditional stress paradigm on its head, this book does not advocate stress avoidance, but rather stress resilience, providing tools and skills to buffer the adverse effects of stress as well as enhance our functionality and health.

The Stress Code is a response to the global call for stress management solutions. Supported by extensive scientific research, this book offers comprehensive and structured insights along with interventions that will help you to thrive in adversity.