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The South African stress burden can be dramatically reduced through proactive steps, which include changing our behaviour and relationships towards others.

In my book, ‘The Stress Code’, I describe remarkable biological shifts that occur when we strongly connect to those around us, especially during periods of chronic stress and personal crisis.

Over the last few decades there has been a wealth of scientific research showing that connecting to people through prosocial behaviours (i.e. charity, care, support, compassion etc.) enhances our own physical, emotional and cognitive states, not to mention the recipient’s.

In 2016, Emily Ansell from the Yale University School of Medicine and Elizabeth Raposa from the University of California published a study on prosocial behaviour and its relationship to stress and health.

The study revealed that on average, we are likely to experience four to five stressful episodes and engage in eleven prosocial behaviours every week.

Interestingly, the research team discovered that those individuals who engaged in lower-than-average prosocial behaviours experienced the greatest
susceptibility to stress and a greater degree of stress-related health issues. Conversely, those who engaged in greater-than-average prosocial
behaviours experienced a considerably more robust health profile and were almost immune to the adverse effects of stress.

The simple message that can be taken from this and other studies is that the more you give of yourself
to others, the better your health will be from an emotional, intellectual and physical standpoint.


To remove the burden of chronic stress on your health, relationships and your financial well-being, be proactive in stress management and resilience rather than simply reactive. Fundamentally, the responsibility falls on each and every one of us to create the change we seek.

It has become my mission to educate, inspire and empower you to change the negative stress narrative, with the ultimate beneficiary being all of humanity.